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Custom Designed Speicalties Gaithersburg MD
Bob Longauer
Graphic Specialties
Guiding clients through details of product choice and embellishment from start to finish; securing it on time.
Ph: 703 470-4300
With my background in Restaurants I developed an “out of the box marketing promotional idea” first for sports bars, beer companies, and boat and outdoor deck bars. Champions’ sports bars was the leader in offering branded apparel and promotional products for retail at the bars and I was their supplier. They realized the potential of added revenue sources and became the leader in the market and I was able to package this promotional idea and marketed it to other restaurants and bars; allowing them to market their brand as well.

I have helped many owners the restaurant industry to make profits and use the additional revenue to maintain other advertising needs. I became a source for their marketing ideas and incentive programs with employees, while helping them to cut through all the red tape, and offering clients’ unlimited choices available for all of their promotional ideas.

I guide my clients through all of the details of product choice and embellishing the products from start to finish and the logistics of securing that it is in hand on time.
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