OUR MEMBER - Lisa Marie Campagnoli

Lisa Marie Campagnoli

Lisa Marie Campagnoli, CTRC, RYT-200
President and CEO of Lifelandscape Coach, LLC
Ontological Life Coach, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor
Wireless: 301-509-8619
Email: lisa@lifelandscapecoach.com
Website: Lifelandscapecoach.com
Tagline: Create Your World
Services: Whole System Life Coaching, Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching, Private Yoga Instruction, Group Yoga Instruction and Workshops (specialties: Restorative and Yin Yoga)

Lisa Marie Campagnoli, CTRC, RYT-200 at Lifelandscape Coach, LLC serves individuals and groups/organizations who desire a change in their relationship dynamics, personal growth, or to pursue personal trauma recovery goals.

Lifelandscape Coach, LLC provides individual 1-hour coaching sessions, group trainings, and coaching and/or yoga workshops, private or group yoga instruction. Interested in referrals and introductions to:

  • Individuals who know or suspect they have Complex Trauma-CPTSD, developmental trauma, giftedness who would like help navigating life, work and relationships.
  • Individual who are recovering from Spiritual Abuse or Cult Involvement.
  • Therapists or Therapy Groups who might be interested in offering thier clients some additional practical coaching support when they are ready.
  • Clubs, Churches, Church Groups or Meetup Groups who need or would enjoy a workshop with topics such as group effectiveness, self-improvement, emotional healing, relationships, organizational trauma awareness, yoga instruction alone or as part of a workshop.
  • Individuals open to hiring a coach to accelerate their progress in any life project.
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