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To whom ever I can assure,
Shopping Portals Inc and specifically Judith Palfrey have been a great addition to my business. We have been using Judith for web design, web enhancement, web optimization and advertising in Shopping Portals, Inc. In all, the results have been outstanding. Judith’s quick response to my request for various changes and additions has made my job more simple and efficient. Without question, whenever I am with other business owners talking about marketing and what works, I always bring up Judith Palfrey and Shopping Portals, Inc.

Anyone interested in receiving more punch for the buck needs to make it a point to speak with Judith, I was convinced within minutes that she and I could work well together in the continuation of a marketing plan that was affordable and efficient.

Yours for Quality Craftsmanship and World Class Service,
Dominic Santopietro - Area Manager
Nationwide Handyman, LLC.

Dear Judith

I have a website for one year that my daughter designed, but I got no calls from the website.

She visited me and explained how ShopGaithersburg.com works. I signed up for membership 2 years ago. Since I have a page on ShopGaithersburg.com I get all my clients from that page. My acupuncture clinic clients improved every year with more and more from the Internet. Now I have given up nearly all my ads in the phone books because all my callers tell me they found me on the Internet.

I highly recommend ShopGaithersburg.com for your business advertising. It is much less then the phone book and provides much more results.

Thank you, Judith!
Aifei Wang, L.Ac.,M.Ac
Natural Balance Acupuncture Clinic

To: Judith Palfrey, Shopping Portals, Inc.

Thank you for all of the great work you have done with our web site. Prior to meeting you, we were very frustrated with the results of our internet searches. We had trouble getting our site to appear in the keyword searches, and could not even get it to be listed when we searched on our company name.

Because of the work you have done, our site and our page on ShopGaithersburg now show up at the very top of all the relevant search term listings. This was a problem that bothered me for a long time, and you were the solution.

We have received many calls from people that found us on your site within only a week of going live. I am looking forward to continued success with our ShopGaithersburg membership, and I will definitely be referring you to other business owners.

Thank You Very Much!
Kevin K. Wales, President
Just Moulding

As music teachers, we engaged ‘ShopGaithersbug.com’ to design and post our advertising webpage. The results have been very satisfying, in that our teaching schedule has constantly been filled with students of varying abilities and on a variety of instruments. We highly recommend that any business owners or service providers use this site as a means of advertising.

Dollie Sherman
Lessons On Wheels

I really can't believe how quickly you were able to get my message to the top of Google Search Engine. My business web site has received no business for three years. In the first month I have received over 15 email requests for information and now I am overwhelmed with all the consumers that contact me for chimney restoration.

Dave Benway
Winston's Chimney Restoration

I can't tell you how impressed I am with the traffic I have received through your web site. My onw web site has produced no business at all. Yet my single page on ShopGaithersburg.com has gotten me 5 new clients immeidately.

Arlene Hale
Hale Accounting

To: Judith Palfrey, Shopping Portals, Inc.

Testimonial for ShopGaithersburg.com
If you are searching for an effective way to get your business instant exposure, Judith Paltrey's Shopgaithersburg.com is your answer!!!

I tried placing my website everywhere…Google Adwords, LookSmart, Switchboard.com, Superpages.com and many more! All of them were basically worthless and did not give me any return on investment whatsoever!! I was so frustrated! I knew that once I submitted my site to the search engines, I would most likely have to wait months before my site was in the top 40. I didn't have time to wait that long… I needed business right away!!

I saw Judith's site on Google and I gave her a call. She met with me and was able to create an excellent ad page that gave a perfect representation of my site. She launched the ad, and within weeks my ad page that linked to my site was listed #1 on Google for personal trainers in Montgomery County, Maryland and # 4 for personal trainers in Maryland!! How's that for a quick fix?? I couldn't believe it!! My phone was ringing off the hook!!

Bottom Line: No other Maryland directory service or advertising company will get your business front-page exposure like Shopgaithersburg.com!! They will give your company the boost it needs!!

Thanks Judith!!
Jim Coughlin
Coughlin Fitness & Results

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I can't tell you how impressed I am with the traffic I have received through your web site. My onw web site has produced no business at all. Yet my single page on ShopGaithersburg.com has gotten me 5 new clients immeidately.
Arlene Hale - Hale Accounting, Gaithersburg, MD

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